Hammond speaks to Laughlin Republican Women of goals, being 'true conservative'

Hammond discussed some items that mean the most to him. One thing he felt is important at the federal level is to stop yelling, sit and talk to one another and figure out what the issues are and address them together, Hammond said. There is a need for civility and coming together if issues are to be fixed, he added.

He said he believes it’s possible to get a lot done and find compromise or solutions if people are willing to talk to each other instead of yelling.

That’s why he’s running for a different office this time, he added. If looking at 2010 and compare to 2017, Nevada is a different state now, Hammond said. There were foreclosures and companies wouldn’t come into the state but that’s changed, he continued. Businesses are coming to Nevada, they are relocating here, Hammond said. Nevada is leading the country in private sector job growth for many months, he added.

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